Realities to Owning a Llewellyn Setter

Llewellin Setter owners have come to realize the diversity that these breeds offer not only in the field but as companions. The breed is known for intelligence, stamina and an excellent uncanny ability to hunt and point birds.

Most individuals that select this breed realize that a great hunting dog is also a great partner in the field and also in the home. These dogs love there pack members and in fact love most people they come in contact with. They are great retrievers under the right training and absolutely awesome pointer for upland birds.

Any breeder who has hunted over a Llewellin realizes that these dogs cannot be their happiest unless they are hunting. Tossing Frisbees and throwing sticks is great fun to work an average dog but these activities won’t appease a Llew, they simply need to hunt and point birds to be their happiest. To allow a member of this breed to be the best it can be it needs to be worked in the field and on birds whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Cranberry Hollow Llewellin are breeders of hunting dogs and as such recommends these great dogs go to hunting homes. We realize there are many individuals who could offer these dogs a good home, and aford good amounts of stimulaization, but our hopes are that these dogs should be afforded their hunting heritage and allowed to hunt for their owners.

Once you purchase a Llewellin you need to be prepared to enjoy one of the most loyal dog breeds found. They are excellent family dogs assuming they get the proper exercise and other then some shedding and occasional drool they are easy to maintain. They like most dogs have numerous personalities and can be strong headed or laid back. We have puppies showing both traits and with some pups these traits can be seen depending on the activities at hand. Strong headed and focused for finding birds, and laid back at home while they lay at your feet or at times in your lap.

There are many breeds that will hunt birds well, but few handle that chore with style grace and the drive that Llewellin’s are known for. Work these dogs at what they love and enjoy these magnificent animals as they dazzle you with their love for the sport.