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Maya to Magnum breeding late Fall puppies December/January time-frame. Males & Females $950 each. Puppies will be solid hunters and are expected to produce any variety of color and marking characteristics.

11/26/2014 Breeding Update: Maya was successfully bred to Magnum in October. We have a Vet appointment on Friday 28, 2014 for an X-ray to verify the number of pups Maya will be expecting. She has been very clingy and at times mirrors a lap dog. She feels uncomfortable by the way she moves and we have allowed her to take over the couch while we watch hunting shows.

We will be reaching out to all prospective clients whom have showed interest in this litter. We will be contacting them in the order in which we received their interests and accepting the deposits to solidify their selection spot in the puppy selection process. Please contact us if you have interest in a Mid 2015 February puppy....more to come including the Puppy Cam, videos and pictures.

11/28/2014 Vet Visit: After a quick visit to the vet today we found out Maya will be having 9 puppies, yikes! We are very excited and a little concerned. Anytime the litter is that big there is always cause for concern, both for one or two pups but also for mom. We have the vet on speed dial so were very prepared for any issues that may occur. Maya is the picture of health and a strong young mom....she'll do great!!! Due date is around 12/10 and we'll post the new pups arrival right on the website. Enjoy the holidays!!

Magnum to Maya Update: 12/9/2014 Moms Big DayYesterday was a long but productive day where we saw a very promising breeding produce some exceptional pups.Maya delivered 9 puppies on December 8th 2014. She did awesome and is a great mom. The pups are all doing well gaining almost a full oz. the very first day. She had 4 males and 5 females and colorization included dual color, tri-color and one Belton. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to reserve a puppy. 800-829-8990

12/11/14 Update: Today the Pups & I visited the vet to have dewclaws removed. All went well and the pups hardly missed a beat, Pouncing mom when they got home and feeding vigorously. It still surprises me how fast these pups grow, adding weight in leaps and bounds.

12/16/14 UpdateToday is day 9 and the pups have easily doubled their weight. They are getting around better and hunt mom down when hungry; not that she is ever far, she is a great mom! I've started formulating first impressions about this crew and will share my personality observations with you very soon. Some of the pups leave a solid impression in my mind and others just haven't shown me their true colors yet....no pun intended. I hope the daily video's are helping you get to know the pups a little along with the new pictures.

 12/21/14 Update It was a busy week this week for everyone, including Maya. With the demands of the puppies to feed, Maya has done awesome with pups tripling their weight in just 12 days. Christmas is around the corner and we're running straight out with puppy and holiday task! I didn't mention this officially but the names of the pups is a theme of country songs...We had so many great ides that we tossed them in a hat and made a blind selection. 

Speaking of Blind, The pups opened their eyes this week with almost all of them peeping through foggy lenses. Also, we saw a few pups standing for the first time....the Puppy Cam showed one pup Rock n Rollin on his new found legs! I wanted to start identifying the pups by their traits; This also helps potential owners with a sense of the pups personality traits.....so here we go:]

  1. Tatoo> Magnums son for sure...Life is Good, laid back no worries guy! My daughter has taken a shine to him and will be difficult to part with him.
  2. Talladega> He is the vocal one and lets it be know he is here...His markings are stunning and he is becoming one of the favorites for snuggling.
  3. Whiskey Lullaby> She is a cutie and appears strong willed and determined to get her share.
  4. Shotgun Rider> He's a sweet pup, hasn't shown me his true make-up yet...more to come.
  5. Perfect Storm> She is also a cutie and we will know more about her as time progresses.
  6. Sun Daze> She was the peanut of the group but in no way the least determined...she takes no prisoners and will get her share..She and Tatoo have a special bond and often are found snuggling by themselves.
  7. Free Style> All I can say is WOW! This male is an animal...he is soooo strong I can't get over it. If puppies had muscle tone this guy is the Terminator!
  8. Home Grown Honey> is a sweet sweet little girl. She is so pretty with her caramel eye dimples and is so affectionate that she will cuddle with you at any time.
  9. Country Girl> Last to be born but hardly last with her size or spirit! She is a laid back girl but get's what she needs evident by her size and laid back demeanor. She was almost classified as a Belton but one slice of black on one ear dismissed that title.......She will be a great looking dog with a good build!

12/24/2014-UpdateIt's the day before Christmas and the pups are getting more and more active every day.....I realize I don't catch their activity on video too often so I'll need to do a better job with that. I have some time off over the next week so hopefully be able to have better video updates. All pups are on their feet and walking / stumbling around! They nurse like Piranha these days and Quadrupled their weight in less then three weeks. They will get their first bath this week and we'll be De-Worming them at end of the week as well. That will occur at least one more time before they can be picked up at 7-8 weeks old. Visitors are welcome by appointment starting next week.

Merry Christmas!!

 Happy New Year!!

1/2/2015 Update: I hope everyone's holiday went great! We have been busy with the new pups...let's just say they are active from all ends of their little lives. We have seen some rather immobile pups turn around and become less clumsy and a lot funnier to watch. Their little minds want to do things like pounce their sibling yet their bodies just haven't caught up with their thought processes yet.....too funny! We had our first introduction to puppy mash, which followed by nine puppy baths in the sink....what a mess...we posted some pictures for your amusement. All the pups got their share and then some when it came to the mash and I suspect they slept a little more soundly last night. De-worming took place and they will get another dose in another 7 days. We are beginning to schedule visits by owners and the selection process will occurs around week 5-7. We are getting many inquiries and suspect all the pups will find great homes. More video's will be posted shortly on the home page puppy cam....

1/5/2015 Updates: At this age the pups certainly start to show me who they are. There are always a couple pups that are what I consider sleeper pups. Typically I think of these pups as the carefree teenagers that we once all were. Their life is perfectly fine and they have little to get riled about. Lately these very content puppies have shown a side not seen before. Talladega turns out to be very cool also vocal and not at all shy about a producing a good growl and or putting a sibling in there place! Shotgun Rider is a gentle pup and has a very laid back personality.

Tatoo, the Hulk of the clan is also laid back and based on his size extremely content, he often is thick skinned and allows most pups to spar with him without much consequence. Sun Daze was once the peanut of the group...no longer. She stands tall and will mix it up with any one of her litter mates. Perfect Storm was a tough one to label, she is a sweet puppy, has a great build and is a confident pup. She is truly a sleeper in that I believe this pup will be a great pointer with great instincts and intelligence. Free Style is an impressive male with strong build and outgoing personality, he seems to have lost the chip on his shoulder as he will now relax and enjoy the human bonding he receives. What can I say about Country Girl, she is a sweetheart, show's spunk at times and is absolutely gorgeous! Home Grown Honey is a complex creature, a typical female in that hard to describe in one sentence. She is in fact all of what you would want in a dog with good amounts of spunk, sweetness and tenacity. Last to mention is Whiskey Lullaby, a single patch female with an appetite second to none and always willing to get in her brothers face for a good chewing out...

1/10/2015-Updates Well were approaching the five week old mark. As these pups have grown over the last few weeks I've seen extreme changes in them, both in personality and in stature. To give you an update I have the following observations for you: Tatoo is the hulk of the group, he was the pup whom seem to be most laid back...he has most recently been seen as having a dominant side and has no desire to hide it with some of the other pups. Talledega has also come into his own as expected. He is aggressive at times and as his dad has shown to also be a great lover of belly massages. Shotgun Rider is a nice pup, he too has come into his own and has shown he still has a laid back personality but also will flex his muscle on other siblings. His build is also like Tatoo in that he is a well built dog. Free Style is a handsome pup, he was one of the most muscular pups from the start, He has since grown very proportionally and has a strong build. SunDaze continues to catch her siblings in size and stamina, she has some of the best growls and not afraid of anything...very outgoing and secure in her abilities. Home Grown Honey Is a beautiful pup, her markings are stunning like Sun Daze with the Carmel Eye Dimples. She is a strong confident pup and has a soft side for cuddling. Country Girl is sooooo cute, she will be one sweet looking dog with great markings and a great stature with high tail and high head. Whiskey Lullaby is a sweet girl and is always in everyone's business, she is definitely Dora the Explorer. Last is Perfect Storm, she is the sleeper of the group and we are watching her closely (in my lap as I type this) as she develops her personality and place in the group.

1/11/2015 Update. Well it's the first week for puppy selection with two people selecting pups this week. We have the Gaffney family here from RI who we met today for the first time. It was a pleasure meeting them and talking about hunting opportunities for their new pup! They have selected Talledega as their selection, and a fine selection. Talladega has shown himself to a great all around pup with an ability to assert himself with other pups and be genuinely content to kick back and relax in someones arms or lap. I suspect that pup will see a lot of love in that home and will have a great life hunting next to all the members of the Gaffney family! I couldn't ask for a better home for Talladega. We are making plans for Cory and Alana Howard to come by this week for their puppy selection. They have shown interest in Tatoo and or Shotgun Rider, though are not totaly sure a male is what they would like. I expext they will have a simlar dilema as I do in that there are so many great pups it will be difficult to select only one! Look forward to meeting their family as well!

1/14/2015 Update Today we met the Howard family from E Douglas Ma. Cory his wife Alana and their two sons stopped in to see the pups. They have shown interest in numerous males and are leaning toward Tattoo or Shotgun Rider. They spent some time with us watching the pups play and also went outside to meet Magnum and Maya. We are very excited to hear of Cory's interest to hunt with his pup, which ever one he chooses I'm sure he'll enjoy some of the best days afield with their new family addition. There's nothing like a new pup to bring a family together and pass down the heritage of hunting to a son(s) or daughter as well.

1/17/2015 Update Amazing what one week makes in the development of these pups. They were introduced to the wing this week and they found it rather interesting to put it mildly! Shotgun Rider Sun Daze and Talladega were the first to see/smell it and they were not about to let it go without a fight. The other pups came running to see what the commotion was about and man did those pups get intense. All pups are doing well and have some new admires specifically for Home Grown Honey and Sun Daze. We had a nice chat with Phil over the phone and was sad to hear of his recent loss of his Brit.....never easy to lose a good companion! Well bath time again tomorrow, they don't stay white very long wrestling on the cement floor......more to come including first introduction to outdoors...pending weather.

 1/18/2015 Update Today was a big day for the pups....first excursion outside. Temps have been to cold for that but it climbed into the 40's today and the pups needed the field trip! They lasted about 15 minutes but the cool air and snowy ground got the better of them. As you can see by the puppy cam video it was a good time, with some pups pointing leaves and just an all around exciting adventure. Visit past historical videos and puppy cam for live video....also review puppy pictures to see numerous good shots of the pups...

1/20/2015 Update This evening we ventured to the vet for the 6 week check ups and initial shots. Other then a bumpy ride and some pups getting a bit thirsty all went well. The vet commented about the great shape the pups are in and checked for all the normal issues affecting pups. No Umbilical hernias, no knee or hip disjointed issues, no eye issues. She also commented on the nice build on numerous pups and stated they would be solid gun dogs. We also had another online registration for another female today from Manuel in Ludlow, MA and hope to discuss what his desired puppy traits are to see who is a good fit. He showed interest in Sun Daze and she as well as the two other females, Country Girl and Home Grown Honey will make great companions and hunters. We will be holding Sun Daze for Manuel for a few days until we receive confirmation of his selection by Wednesday 1/28.

1/23/2015 Update Today was a sad day for me and many others who lost a good friend this past week, his name was Gordon Burt and he was more like a brother to most who new him. I know Gordon loved dogs and also had hunted with me in the past. I hope he is enjoying some rich farm land in Heaven today and is watching a great pointer at work....maybe no better day can be found! The highlight of the day was that we got to meet the Goodmans. They made the trek from Barre, MA. to make a puppy selection. They chose Home Grown Honey, a sweet female with good build and soft side to melt a heart. She and two of her litter mates were in the running for selection and after an hour of watching them they decided on who they originally liked based on video and pictures. The Goodmans will no doubt make an excellent home for the little girl and I'm sure Phil (Who also reminded me of Gordon) will enjoy endless hours watching this little pointer do her thing in front of his gun! Congrats to the Goodmans!

1/24/2015 Updates The two of the three males are still available and are shown in videos taken today, selecting the link here or above (Litter Video Past Links) will send you to the CHL YouTube Channel. Enjoy the new videos of Tattoo, Shot Gun Rider and Free Style! Later today we heard from Cory from E-Douglas whom had come down last week to look over the dogs with his wife Alana and their two boys. After reviewing the pups video, pictures and settling in on the best pup for them, they have selected Shot Gun Rider. I believe this pup will fit the families goals for a great family dog and hunting partner very nicely. He is a REEEEEALY good pup, with a great build, inquisitive nature and yet laid back attitude except when presented with a pheasant wing! I'm 100% sure the family will absolutely love this pup to death! Congrats!!

1/25/2015 Update These pups are doing great! Eating like lions and running, jumping and brawling like no one's business. Today we met Beth Abbondandolo of Brockton, MA. Beth, her daughter and niece all stopped by to visit the puppies. We had a nice visit and talked about her 12 year old Lew, and a desire to get a new puppy. We looked at Country Girl, Tattoo and Free Style and she selected Free Style! Beth and her husband hunt some of the same lands as I do and I hope to see them out there... that would make my day! We have Tattoo and Country Girl still available and they are two of the most gorgeous pups! Tattoo is the hulk of the litter with a huge build and dominant character. He has a soft side as well and will make an awesome pointer and companion. Country Girl....what can I say, such a beautiful lady. Stunning markings, sweet sweet personality and absolutely great conformation. She will be a stunning pointer and incredible to watch with her agility and self assured nature.

1/31/2015 Update: Today we met Manuel Portela from Ludlow, MA. He his brother in-law and father came in to pickup Sun Daze....a sweet little girl with plenty of drive and out-goingness. She was mentioned in past post as being the smallest of the litter but hardly the most docile....often asserting herself with much larger siblings! She will definitely hold her own in her hunting abilities and I am excited to see she will be going to a home with people who love their dogs! Based on Manuel's hunting schedule, this little girl will be an awesome hunter. See all the photos of Sun Daze with Manuel and family.

2/1/2015 Update: Today we parted with another fine pup, Talladega was his name. The Gaffney Family came to pickup their awesome puppy on Super Bowl Sunday and it was tough to let another pup go....we become so attached to them but we take great pride in doing everything we can to ensure they go to loving homes. We know the Gaffney family will take great care of their new family member and afford the little guy some great hunting opportunities! He was the most laid back of pups and would melt in anyone's arms. We wish both the best of luck and look forward to pictures from the Gaffney family and all the new owners of this litter. Shout Out....WAY TO GO PATRIOTS!!!

2/3/2015 Update: Has anyone had enough of this snow yet!! We got the lions share of 22 inches the first storm and another 12 a few days latter. The path in the snow was no fun for me but the puppy track I dug out was a big hit with the puppies...review the General Pictures link for great shots of the pups first time in the snow!! They absolutely loved it!! Shotgun Rider and Home Grown Honey are due to leave this week and that will leave a big hole in the kennel and in our hearts for sure. We look forward to both puppies getting great families, hunting opportunities and awesome care going forward!

2/6/2015 Update: We lost a great pup today, not in a bad way but in the best way possible. Cory and Elaina Howard picked up Shotgun Rider today after an hour and half ride. Shotgun is a great all around pup with great traits like an awesome build, Nimbleness considering his size and a personality to melt a heart! He will be missed and the Howards will have a extremely great companion to hunt with. We look forward to many picture updates and progress afield with the pup!

2/7/2015 Update:We were very happy to see Phil n Lil Goodman today picking up Home Grown Honey! Occasionally you meet people that you know will make a new puppy the center of their family and occasionally you meet people who fit so well together with the puppy selected that it warms a heart. Today both those scenarios came true; we know Phil n Lil have selected the perfect puppy for themselves and we know that little girl will be the center of attention for a long long time! She will enjoy some hunting time and I will absolutely take Phil up on the offer to see here in action once she's ready! A beautiful all around puppy that has ALL the traits one could ask for, people oriented, outgoing, stylish and not at all hesitant to get around a sibling for a nip at the wing! Bets of luck to the Goodman's and a sweet puppy named Home Grown Honey! Pending weather Free Style will be heading home on Sunday to meet the man of the house and be taken under the 12 year old Llewellins wing!

2/8/2015 Update: Today Beth Abbondandolo came bye to retrieve her new family member Free Style! Beth has a 12 year Lew at home who will be excited to have a new playmate. Beth and her husband hunt locally and I hope to get a chance to see Free Style in action. Beth is still searching for the right name for her new pup and I'm certain he will inspire many great names based on his stature and personality! Best of luck to pup and family!! We also heard from Alana Howard, two days after Shot "Ryder" hit the scene at their house he is a big hit...the perfect pup for the perfect family environment! He is doing great and already has relaxed and trust them completely based on the photos!Currently still available are Country Girl and Tattoo...both very social pups whom love people and are stunning pups in their own way. Country Girl is all white with one patch on her ear and bold ticking. Tatto is a hulk as his build is awesome, extremely muscular male with a very big heart to match his dominant personality!

2/17/2015 Update: It's been a while since I last posted....I wonder why. Could it be this freakish winter which delivers a new two feet of snow every week! Yes it has been rough dealing with this snow, constantly shoveling and digging out! I do admit it is pretty but the amount of work to get the dogs and pups out to enjoy it is over the top. Shoveling off the doors, bulkheads, walkways and running tracks for the pups is crazy. Enough said about that, Spring is almost here ...I hope... the pups are doing great, we see their true and the extent of their personalities now and can see their attributes in situations come to life. We have some that climb like chimps, others that never get riled unless really pushed around by litter mates. Some pups like Tattoo just hang out sooooo content until he wants to show his dominance; a friendly pup always at the gate to greet me. Country Girl is THE sweetest pup and will make an absolutely awesome companion both in the house and in the field!!! She melts in your arms and holds her own with great sure footedness, agility and poise. We've recently heard from Sonia and Manuel who selected Sun Daze who is doing great and also got updates from Beth whom had selected Free Style, now known as Max! Take a look at the updated photos they sent us. The pups are ten weeks old now and will be getting their second set of shots next week. We will begin some basic training using the Ricky Smith Training method and suggest anyone looking to make a first class bird dog...or any great dog purchase and learn from his great video series. Feel free to send our info to your hunting friends, we have two great pups left that will make two people extremely happy!!

2/21/2015 Update: This week the pups turned 10 weeks old. We have Tattoo and Country Girl still living with us but we have a few people showing interest in them. Unfortunately we have had a number of persons request to purchase them but we felt that they were not a good fit for these pups. Hunting is a must for most Llewellins but especially for this litter. They come from two strong hunters and we believe these pups just would not be happy unless they were hunting. Today they visit the vet for their second round of shots....They got their baths last night (in the tub - Too big for the sink now) and are styling some new collars that fit there rather large necks.  I expect to get another great report from the vet as they have grown so much and all indications from their appetite suggest a healthy digestive track. As a note: We used Proplan Pro "FOCUS"formula (Not for large breeds), this makes an impact on their growth and helps thier digestion. As mentioned in the past we typically raise the purchase price after 12 weeks as they officially begin training and would be considered starter dogs. I expect that philosophy  to continue with this litter as well. I will be working on some additional pics today and tomorrow showing their amazing build and lines these little gals and especially Tattoo has.....more to come, don't forget to review new pics for the four pups...Perfect Storm, Whiskey Lullaby, Country Girl and My Man Tattoo!

2/22/2015 Update: Good afternoon everyone! The four pups had a great veterinarian visit yesterday with additional shots and health checks. All went well and pups slept soundly last night after a very long day of car rides and carousing with litter mates! Country Girl visited a rehab facility where Karen's farther is recovering from a fall. That little girl offered many patrons a lot of love and kisses....she is an awesome pointer and has a gift to make people feel better as a part time job! More good news today as we met Donna and Mark from New Hampshire whom have bred Lewellins in the past and still own four older dogs. They selected Tattoo and Country Girl and we couldn't be happier based on their homestead and the amount of hunting they have lined up for this two incredible pups. Take a look at picture updates for recent pics. That was the last of the pups that went to good homes....the remainder of two litter mates have been adopted by CHL for our breeding program. With some good fortune these two females will be the result of an exceptional breeding of two awesome pointers!....more to come.