Pippa/Blaze 3/19/2021 Litter Updates

Pippa puppies have arrived!!! A rough delivery but both pups are incredible! They are both thriving under Pippa's care! More to come on these two beautiful girls..

Litter Update - 4/5/21 - Blaze Puppies' have Arrived! All 7 pups are thriving... 2 girls and 5 boys. More to come as they emerge into little bird dog puppies.....

Litter Update - 4/14/21 - Pups are doing Awesome!!!!! Gaining weight is key and these guys and gals have that nailed down! Puppy Collage being built as I write this, and all puppy pics and info will follow. For now we have a video of Pippa Puppies.... too funny! Vocals are stirring in these two girls as are in the rest of the pups. My favorite time is between 3-8 weeks when we really start to see who they are. Identifying the troublemakers and the pups that melt you heart materialize in this timeframe. I already see a few pushy pups, but that is a great attribute to see at this point! They all stand on their feet sooner or later, you know what they say about pay back :).... more to come.

Litter Update - 4/26/21 - Puppies are living Large! They are out of the woods and the youngest litter is thriving. The Puppy Collage is up, check out each puppy and match to their traits as we capture them each week! I love to see them emerge over the next few weeks. We already see Ethel being the dominant female over sweet LucyLoo. The younger Blaze Litter, by almost three weeks, are turning into puppies right in front of us... they seem to pop from little hippo's to puppies that resemble dogs.

Aspen and Autumn are night and day, The smaller Autumn is up on her feet cruising the whelping box while Aspen is content to lay around eating and sleeping. Echo is the largest male, has a great marking with one eye patch and a sliver of black on the opposite ear. Blizzard is a well built solid pup as well, he was #1 out and has maintained his primary short term goal... eating at this point. More to come on the other puppies soon..... check out the Home page "Puppy Cam" video!!

Litter Update - 5/15/21 - Well time is slipping away as we barrel into the last few week we have these pups. Here is a run down on some pups that may help with selections. Pippa litter we have Ethel, Big strong build, the dominant pup in that litter who is affectionate and confident. She carry's herself well and is a vocal dog when displeased. She will make a great pack member for any home. Lucy is similar to Ethel in may ways so let's focus on the contrast between them: Lucy is similar in size to Ethel yet doesn't have the muscle tone, I like to think of her a middle age grandpa with belly and swagger... lol. Lucy also has more energy, sometime seemingly endless... surprising considering her build I would think. Both are great pups and very engaging!

Blaze litter has five males available for consideration. Blizzard, is a sweet pup, absolutely melts in your arms, build is average and temperament is middle to laid back. Dusty is another sweet pup looks a lot like Blizzard and is also a laid back and will melt in your arms. Echo is a nice puppy, middle of the road, has a good deal of energy to burn and is independent yet engaging and accepts our touch with great pleasure. Echo has a medium build with good muscle tone and confirmation. Oakley is a BIG BOY, largest in the litter, big paws, chest and head, reminds me of Magnum, he also loves to be handled and is a middle of the road pup re energy and temperament! Rio is the the last of the pups, hardly! He is all that and then some. Rio looks to have a medium build frame, strong and muscular build, and is most like the dominant pup in the litter... He's got spunk and I think he might be Field Trial material. He accepts being handled and enjoys a good ear rub, not so keen on being on his back, but not an issue in an way shape or form... will make some hunter a fabulous dog! Review our puppy cam for newer videos and Facebook to see some of the pups having at it.... more to come on individual photos in the collage.

Litter Update - 5/19/21 CHL Selections have begun. First to find a forever home is Ethel, she will be living in Maine hunting grouse and woodcock with AJ and family. Next selection is tonight for one of Blaze puppies.... The pups have mastered the puppy mash and look forward to their four meals a day with momma as a staple twice a day right now... They will begin to be weened off her and will be on a crunchy puppy food by end of next week. Lot's of clean up going on right now... tough to keep them clean.....

 Litter Update - 5/22/21 CHL Selections continue with Blizzard and Echo finding new forever homes so far. Additional selections are occuring this weekend for Dusty, Oakley and Rio.....more to come as weekend progresses... Dusty has been claimed, staying local in MA!! Oakly has been claimed as well, also living in MA! Last is Rio, can't say enough about this puppy. Bold, Nice build and handsome with the best Steel colored eyes that pierce right through you. He has got game for certain but also, after a good romp will melt in your lap for a belly rub.



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