NEW Litter 4/8/2018 - Cranberry's Blazen Glory to Blue Mtn. Noble Nash. Produced some solid Puppies!!! 

4/7/2018 CHL A Puppies Life update Today started with Blaze pacing, labored breathing and temperature dropping into the 98 degree range. As time would show minutes turned into hours of stage 1 labor and eventually the clock would roll past midnight and pups would start arriving at 2:30AM.

4/8/2018 CHL A Puppies Life As morning continued, a total of five pups would be born by 5:30AM. As we began to clean up and monitor the pups and Blaze we recognized Blaze wasn't done as she headed to the kennel to relieve herself... running for our supplies we caught the 6th pup just in time! Once again cleaning and packing things up while monitoring the pups and Blaze, we realized she was still having mild contractions... sure enough, number 7 entered the world at furious pace like he was late for dinner... which he was. The last of the litter and the biggest must have been content as Apollo ended a long 30 hour ordeal with a flash.

4/15/2018 CHL A Puppies Life One week later the eight day old pups are doing really well with most of them doubling thier weight and size. Momma Blaze is strong and being a good mom. The pups had their dew claws removed on Wednesday at day 3 and all handled it well. Vet's examination for Hernias and Clef palettes indicated all very healthy pups. We are updating this blog weekly and will keep everyone abreast of any new mildstones or developments. Litter registration will be submitted next week after week 2 and the website collage will be updated as soon as possible....

4/26/2018 CHL A Puppies Life One day makes so much difference in a puppies life. This week all eyes are open and focused on movement and mom no doubt. We have a few pups up on their feet already and stumbling in the right directions. Pegasus is very vocal and lets us know he is here. Apollo is very content to eat and sleep, ususally there is one or two like that, laid back as life is good. Pandora is a sweetie, she is an agile little puppy and is the lightest of the bunch by the slightest amount. Luna on the other hand has always sported the most amount of weight and she is a solid pup.The Puppy Picture collage is up but we need to tweak a few things including correcting some pics for the General picture pool. First Deworming coming up and the pups weights are growing by leaps and bounds......

5/6/2018 CHL A Puppies Life One at a time, they emerge showing us little glimpses as to who these pups might be. It's been a crazy week of work and I didn't get the time to post many new pics or videos. I will be posting new ones shortly. As for the pups, It's "Dora the Explorer", I mean it's Luna who had her walking shoes on this week; first one to climb out of the Whelphing box to hang with Mom. She is a big easy going girl, beautiful markings, a big blocky head and we love her to pieces. As far as the sparring goes it continues to be the tenacious Pandora, this girl has spunk and always brings her A game to a brawl. Right there with her, the very vocal and taking no prisionors, Thor, beautiful Chestnut male with eye dimples of caramel. Apollo continues to be laid back and very large, but has been seen a time ot two, attempting to get his spunk under his feet and out manuever the others, never gonna happen as he is just so big right now. Pegasus continues to be an agile and socialble puppy with great markings. Calliope is so cute with her half mask and a doll of a pup to play with, she holds on so tight when we pick her up. Titan, honestly, he has gone under the radar so far but what I have seen of him, is he is middle of the road and just a happy little guy, taking eveything in stride. Ticking is emerging and they really look like Llewellins now. They are four weeks old and doing great, we hope to have them out this coming week if the weather is warm. First Deworming took place and all survived, even mom who cleans up after them.... more to come..

5/16/2018 CHL A Puppies Life - Week 5 and the pups continue to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more they show us thier personalities and their true Llewellin traits. Let's run through these guys and gals; First is Thor: Dominant Male, full Chestnut Mask and very agile, he takes no prisinors and with some training will be an exceptional hunter with plenty of drive. Next is Titan, He runs middle of the road with a spunky nature, likes to spar and has a down side that melts a heart, his build is large. In the number three slot we have Luna, A favorite with me, as she shares similar traits with Spunky sparring nature, laid back and very trusting nature, she melts in your arms. As with the largest of pups she is not as agile as others but is coming along as they will in latter weeks. Number four is Calliope, sweat little girl, she shows a lot of heart and very quick mover, she is middle of the road in tempermant and will be an awesome puppy for any home. I suspect she will be a great hunter and a dedicated companion for anyone. Pegasus is My Man, great looking puppy with the easiest going attitude, he goes with the flow and is a happy going little pup whom will also thrive in most homes, he demands a soft touch and thrives with affection. Then cam this girl, Pandora, all I  can say is holly crap this girl is wired for hunting, she has drive and is a dominant puppy, she will need training to harness that energy and will provide her pack owner love and devotion with many great memories afiield. She doesn't take a back seat to anyone and is the most adorable puppy with a full mask! Last but not least, Apollo, he is a large pup, laid back and great looking pup. He is on the quiet side and given the exposure to the field and birds will be a good hunter and pack member. Week 5 will introduce another De-Worming and greater levels of food and exercise.

5/22/2018 CHL A Puppies Life -A week makes a BIG difference in 6 week old pups. New traits emerge for a few and some down right surprise us. Apollo is one such pup, his laid back demeanor is now offset with some attitude! Pegasus is another one re-emerging as a contendor. His earlier attitude is now back after being MIA for a few weeks. Both are awesome pups! Titan is a vocal puppy returing my harmonous growls with some of his own. Calliope (My little Rocket) is the sweetest of pups. Thor alot like Calliope is quick and nimble, a real mover! Luna is Luna, big sweet pup with a lot of spunk! Then their is Pandora, talk about attitude, she is the girly girl who beats on the guys! She is going to be a great hunter, has plenty of drive and a smart little pup... I watch her watching things happen then she goes at it like no other! Additional Dewormings, a week of selections, baths and more baths seems to have encompassed all our time! Trips outside happend and the pups loved it.... more of those to come. Momma Blaze is having a rough week as she wants to be with the pups more than we can allow this week as we begin to wean them from her. Shots are scheduled for mid week next week and then the pups will leave us..... then it will be hard on us!

5/29/2018 CHL A Puppies Life -Week 8 is here and with it comes joy and sadness. We long for the pups to get the attention and training they deserve while also feeling the sadness with parting with another great litter that showed us why we breed these fabulous dogs! Today we hit the Vet's office and got the pups their first shots along with a comprehensive going over. All pups were sound and Doctor Hopkins commented once again , how the pups were in such great shape and how our dogs produced such fine pointers. We have the pups leaving begining on Friday afternoon through Sunday PM. it will be a few rough days here as we pass the pups to familys that hopefully will give them the love and nuturing needed to be a great Llewellin. Given the opportunity, these dsogs will be awesome family companions and will supply you years of joy watching them work a field, hedge row or wood line. They will take no prisionors when it comes to birds and they will afford you more then a few misses without out holding a grudge or posturing for you to go find your own birds. They will love you unconditonally even on your worse days, they will take the stress from the day off your shoulders with a suggestive roll for a belly rub. Count your selves lucky to have a CHL pointer as many breeders before us , through sweat and dilligence created this great linage for your enjoyment. It is with a heavy heart and big a smile I present you with an opportunity to extend your pack by one, one member who will always have your back. 

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