Week 8 Pups have all left us, sad to say. Wishing all new owenes the very best. Upcoming breedings will be Blazen Glory begining of new year.... Blaze is a great mom and very sweet companion. She is more then eager to please and we enjoy her so much in the field.

Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life - Week 6 Well it's been a lot of fun and work getting these little guys up and running, but we have enjoyed every minute watching them grow and show us who they are. Like litters before we couldn't be happier with the outcome, the pups have the full range of characteristics we sought in all of our breedings. The pups show us thier birdy side as well as thier love for human pack members. Selection begun on Thursday and and is still in process with Bruin, Sox and Fenway all going to hunting homes in MA, NY and PA. We admidt there are a couple in this litter we would have gladly held onto if we didn't have such a good feeling about the placements.

Pups are expected to go home begining Wednesday the 22nd through Sunday the 26th. Some owners will need to travel to collect their pups but I'm sure the ride will be exciting knowing what the cherished gift is awaiting them once here. Vetenarian will sign off on thier health on the 18th and pups will recieve thier first set of shots at that time. We will enjoy these little guys and gals over the next 10 days and will need to deal with the void once again when gone. More updates, pics and video to follow including an anouncement of the Blaze and Pippa breedings.

Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life -Day 33 Good times continue with the puppies, play time gets longer, sleeping a little less. Puppy Gruel begins in another week and Momma Maya will appreciate the break I'm sure! We have puppy reservation still open, if you contacted us and planned to place a deposit on this litter please let us know if you still plan to. All puppy reservations should have accounted for each pup but we still have deposits outstanding based on conversations with clients.

Hard to believe selection will start just two weeks away, time goes so fast in a puppies life. We look forward to meeting all the clients as they begin to make ready for thier new little pack members. We had a nice visit with a couple of visitors contemplating a puppy out of the next litter. Blaze will be bred first and Pippa to follow in the spring. More to come on those breedings....

Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life -Day 25 Awesome weather out there, crisp mornings, warm days! Maybe to warm for the dogs but pretty damn good! Pups are now dogs, looking more and more like dogs vs. some other rodents. I LOVE this litter! They have unbelievable great builds and very diverse looks.

They are begining to Spa, bark and growl. Some very vocal when they don't like something. Patriot continues to impress us with his Stalking of litter mates, appetite for excursions and all around lovable nature. Bruin is coming into his own also willing to mix it up and again has that approachable personality we as owners want for our pack members. Fenway aka: Little Peanut is a doll, she will hold her own I'm sure in any situation she comes up agianst! Sox, what can I say, fat, happy and content to a fault. I start to see some attitude with her though and think she won't contintue to be the sleeper pup she has been. At times vocal about being moved around or handled. Celtic has made me step up and take notice, he is a very handsome pup with nice markings and a personality that will make it hard to give him up. He has a great build and will spa with his mates anytime the opportunity presents itself...

We are approaching four weeks and slection is just two and half weeks away, time flies. Still have a few selections available but there is a lot of interest so I don't know if we'll keep one from this litter. Check out our Facebook for many updates, videos and pics.


Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life -Day 17 Hey, hey these guys and gals are doing great... what fat little Umpahlumpahs! No surprise it's the smallest of the pack to get to her feet first and motivate along. Fenway is by far the smallest of the five pups, but that always seems to give them a leg up (Pun intended) on the the rest of the pups when it comes to mobility.

Though the puppies even out with age as far as agility and what I call light footedness, it always seems to be the lightweight in the pack to outshine the rest with athleticism. Fenway (Pure White Belton) is that little girl to do it this time. She is a peanut but I have always been partial to the smallest pup and her being a Belton just adds to my fondness for her.

At the other end of the spectrum is Sox, the largest of the bunch... Ohh My God... she is so wide we just laugh at the size of her BUTT.... also like the largest of past pups she is content to a fault, sleeping and eating is her mission in life right now, not much else.

Karen's favorite bonding buddy is Patriot, he is a very handsome pup and loves his attention and belly massages at night in Karen's lap. All pups are doing really well with weight gains that we can no longer track because their to big to fit in the scale bucket. Eye's are wide open now and appears they now make eye contact with us, though pretty sure the center eye (Nose) still brings them to Momma Maya for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack time, dinner and midnight feedings.

We Dewormed them today and another dose in two weeks. Looking forward to more action videos as they get older and will post another puppy CAM video later today or tomorrow. Still some open selections pending if interested.

Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life -Day 13 Well Hello there! Some Foggy Eyes  are open! Pups doing well almost quadrupling there size in two weeks. We have updated pics via the litters picture collage link below. Many people inquiring about the pups, litter is still open to interested parties. Just about at 2 weeks old and they are crawling around the whelping box and I suspect will be looking to get to their feet in about another week.


Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life - Day 8. This week shows some very content puppies! All pups have doubled their weight in one week, always a great sign. Lot's of snoozing and nursing going on, Momma Maya is doing a fantastic job! Anticipate eyes opening later next week. The little buggers are getting more and more vocal as they move around the whelping box in search of that perfect pillow, usually a sibbling!

Update to Maya Litter - A Puppies Life begins wih Day Two and a Vet visit to have the pups checked out and Dew Claws removed. Puppies got a good first check-up with no apparent hernias or Clef Pallets. They have all gained a couple ounces of weight, always a good sign.

We have named the litter after a NE sports theme, so we have the following info on each pup to help you follow their progress: 


#1 Pup
Sex: Female
Weight: 12.65
Markings: Left Ear Patch
Identifier: Rt Shldr


#2 Pup
Sex: Male
Weight: 11.45
Markings: Lft Side Mask
Identifier: Lft Sldr


#3 Pup
Sex: Female
Weight: 9.0
Markings: Belton - Total White
Identifier: Rt Hip


#4 Pup
Sex: Male
Weight: 14.20
Markings: Full Mask-Left Back Patch-Tail
Identifier: Lft Hip


#5 Pup
Sex: Male
Weight: 11.60
Markings: Full Mask-Dual Back Patch-Tail
Identifier: Neck

Check out the latest pics on FB and the upcoming Video's on the Home Page Puppy CAM also found on YouTube.


Maya n Mag update: Today (9/27/17) Maya whelped 5 puppies. The puppies look very diverse in their looks with one pup looking like a Belton and others heavily patched with full and half mask. We will be watching them very closely to ensure good growth and healthy outcomes over next eight weeks. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss available pups. Also watch us on our Facebook page for up to date pics and videos.   

NEW Breeding Announced- Maya n Magnum. Puppies due on September 29th, 2017. Accepting Reservations.

Next update will include puppy pics and some specifics about each one as they are welcomed into the world. Keep checking Facebook for the latest minute by minute updates.

Please call or send us an EMAIL with any questions.

2014/15 Litter Info