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Pippa 3/23/2020 Litter Updates

Puppies were whelped today after 15 hours of labor. Poor Pippa ended up on a Oxytocyn drip to get contractions going in the right direction. She's got heart and birthed three beautiful pups. Two males and One female were born in the end. We are resting as is Pippa and watching the three large healthy pups track momma Pippa down across the Whelping Box.

3/29 Update - Today the pups are one week old. I'm always amazed at how quickly these pups grow! Scurrying along on their bellies they motivate all around the whelping box searching for mom who is always just a few feet away. The three pups are already showing signs of who they may be. More on personality traits for each pup to come...

3/30 Update - Pups are doing great! They are rolling around on their fat bellies and content to a fault. With only three pups there is no shortage of feeding stations, lol. Everyone has bounced back from their Vet trip where they had their dew claws removed. With this Covid-19 virus circulating people are definitely in the need of some puppy Therapy and we continue to have conversations with potential owners. Momma Pip has some spring in her step once again and is a very happy momma.

4/4 Update - What a difference a few days make at this stage in these puppies lives. They begin to react to being held, they react to each other and definitely to the need for Momma Pip. On Day 12 their little eye's began to widen, peeking through the slits to see us and mom for the first time. This litter has been an exceptional litter regarding health and size... no where in my recollection due I recall pups growing so fast and so large that they almost don't fit on the scale. Deworming will begin this week as will claw clipping and more videos and pics ... check out the home page puppy cam for riveting video... LOL 

4/13 Update - LOL Lots happening with these not so little pups! Up on their feet, and like litters in the past the smallest is the most agile and tenacious! Hondo is a barking growling hound. Island Sky is a sweet female and ElDorado , well what can I say... he's a MONSTER!!!!! De-Worming occurred and their appetites are serious at this point!  Check out the Puppy Cam on the home page for new videos.

5/5 Update - I can't believe how time is flying bye, and I've obviously been slacking on these litter updates. Well, here are some personality updates as I see these guys and girl entering week 6. Island Sky, still the sweetheart of the crew, melts in our arms and showing her business side at times. She has a lot of patience with her litter mates, but hey enough is enough and at times will stand up to either brother who might be in the bullying mood. She, like her brothers have beautiful coats and nice blocky heads as Lllewellins go. She is not skiddish and acclimates to our developmental challenges. These can be loud noises, new stimuli like Pheasant feathers or the cat.... who initiates all pups on the way out the door. El Dorado, the big man on campus! He is rock solid, walks and struts like a bully but is also a very trusting pup. He uses his size sparingly, only sparring on occasion but he is spending more and more time in his sister and brothers business. Mostly he's methodical in his efforts never expending too much energy for little gain. His agility is where we expect a pup his size to be at this point... He has a build second to none... if you look for block heads, bold shoulders and broad chest. I suspect he will be showing us a lot more personality in the next 10 days when he gets close to heading home. Hondo.... OMG, Hot Damn this pup is a wild man... not really, he is just very engaging and in your face kinda guy. The flip side to this pup is he loves to be our center of attention and just melts in our arms when we hold him. I swear I see him smile when we pick him up! He is agile as all get out and the dominant pup in the bunch. He will be an easy train wreck (KIDDING) easy puppy to train as he is a confident pup and little shakes him. Hondo has energy to burn and will be a great Field Dog... did I say Champion! All pups are doing great and all will be awesome hunters and awesome pack members. Vet visit is scheduled for late next week with pups available to go home begining after the 15th.... more to come once the Vet clears all pups health checks.   

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