Litter Updates:

7/26 Puppy Update: Pups did great today at the vet! All pups had positive check-ups at the vet and are approaching their "Go Home Dates" with clean health! Heath was the brusier in the bunch followed up by Hershey. The girls all did well and are all about the same weight and size. Selections began today and the first puppy selection chose Twix as their girl.. more selections will occur over the next couple days and throughout next week. We still have a couple selections open if interested parties want to reach out to discuss a possible puppy.

7/25 Puppy Update: Pups are doing awesome! Tomorrow is start of week 7 and the pups have a visit at the vet scheduled for their first shots. There eating solid food and have been weaned from mom. We will begin puppy selections in the next two days and through the remainder of next week. Selections occur based on deposit received date and we have four pups that will be selected to date. There are still three selections available for interested parties. With the hot weather we are asking to be careful with your furry friends and ensure they remain inside on the hottest of days.

7/18 Puppy Update: The Pups are doing awesome!!!! We are rolling into week 6 this Friday and these updates will become closer together as we start to key in on traits and personalities. So here we go.... Heath, LOL, King of the food bowl! He is a well built dog, laid back to date and so easy going, he just melts in our arms. Twix, OMG! She is a pistol, climbs out of everything we put her into! She, like all the pups love human touch and affection! She is a beautiful pup, well built female in the group an very vocal... lot's of fun staying up with her. Rolo, middle of the road temperament like most in this litter, takes all in stride and will mix it up occasionally which is common at this stage and another affectionate pup! Galaxy is a beautiful pup, has a spunky side that is emerging, has found her voice and growl and likes to chill until someone gets in her way... a very sweet girl! Reeses, we love this little girl, absolutely drop dead gorgeous! She is the smallest in the litter but not by much, this pup is soooo sweet she just captured our hearts! Another pup that answers the to a soft whisper or whistle. Snickers, much like her twin sister, she is a beautiful pup, often looking for human interaction and very patient when waiting her turn. She seems to have a little heaver coat then her sisters... time will tell. And then came along Mr. Dominance, Hershey is a beautiful Chestnut male, he is showing all the traits we breed for, including uniformity in build, High head and tail, but most important is the personality. He is outgoing, yet will absolutely melt in your arms. Really all pups are showing those awesome traits, he was just the first to display them all. For those of you looking for a great all around dog, this litter hits the mark! The next two weeks will really show us who's who in this pack and allow for selections to begin at week 7, one week away! Updated photos to come shortly...

7/14 Puppy Update: Puppies have turned 5 weeks this week and it was a busy week for all of us. The intro to Puppy Mash went well and Blaze appreciates the aid in feeding at this point. Blaze is a super mom though and never seems to want to be away from them for to long. We have another acrobat in the litter, with Twix now climbing out of the half kennel gate we have setup. They love the new room in the indoor kennel and are really mixing it up with each other in the new digs!

Every single pup has a gentle side that just loves the human touch. Their are a couple that we knew would be exceptional pups with an outgoing attitude and boldness you can appreciate. All of them begin to emerge into their own skin so to speak, now showing their personalities whether with us or amongest themselves. We have pups available to the right homes, if interested please fill out the registration form online and we'll reach out!.. Hope your summer is going great!

6/26/2019 Puppy Update: Puppies turning a corner now approaching 3 weeks old. Eyes wide open, doing the side step shuffle as they introduce themselves to each other. We continue working with each one socializing each pup to our touch. All responding well to our gentle touch and Karens belly rubs! Sparring starts with a couple pups as they learn to vocalize with each other. Sooooo relaxing to come home to these guy and gals, I do miss this! The Puppy CAM is showing lastest video...

6/21 Puppy Update: Where does the time go... Puppies turned 2 weeks old today and we are seeing these little pups grow in leaps and bounds! They have just about tripled their weight in two weeks, almost unheard of from our perspective. The pups eyes opened this week as well and right on time, if not a tad early. We kid about having favorites, but its nearly impossible to not fall for anyone of these pups. Certain pups already leave an impression on us for one reason or another. Twix, WOW what a vocal and strong willed little girl! Rolo and Heath are battling for most well built hog... both big bellied pups with awesome trusting traits. Snickers and Hershey sweet pups and great cuddlers! Puppy Collage should be available later this weekend....

6/7 Puppies Have Arrived!! It was a long day for Blaze but she handled the labor side pretty well... Delivering 7 Puppies who are all doing well. We head off to the vet tomorrow to have them checked over and Dew Claws removed. Puppies are still availble to the right homes... submit the registration form on the website to start a dialog with us about one of these fine pups!

5/22/2019: Blaze as you know was bred about 5 weeks ago and is due to whelp puppies around June 8th, 2019. Some dogs handle pregnancy better then others, Blaze is a natural, as she just seems to love the stages up until whelping. She has a little more bounce in her step and smiles a little more everytime she is around us.

We are accepting registration forms and discussing puppies with potential clients. Anyone interested should drop us an email or phone call. This is a repeat breedings from about two years ago that produced solid, well built pups and some very good hunters. We hope to capture the same attributes found in both Sire and Dam once again, as both are exceptional pack members and very lovable dogs..... reach out if you have interest. X-ray to confirm at least 6 pups are available is being scheduled in a few weeks... more to come!

Please call or send us an EMAIL with any questions.

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