Blaze 8/15/2020 Litter Updates

Puppies were whelped today after 13 hours of labor, ending at 3 AM the following day. Blaze ruled the night, with 7 pups on the X-ray turning into 9 pups in reality. Blaze puppies had numerous markings but all healthy and nursing aggressively. These beautiful pups, 7 girls and 2 boys are keeping mommy Blaze hopping. Markings, pics and videos to follow... over time litter updates will give specific traits or attributes for each puppy... Blaze taking a well earned rest with her maternal instincts addressing all her puppies needs....

Litter Update- 8/16

Puppies getting so many cleanings from mom I fear their patch work will be licked off! They head to the Vet on Tuesday for dew claws and check ups! Mom is just starting to get her appetite back and her systems back to something resembling normal. Pics and Video being posted to the website and Face-Book.

Litter Update- 8/19

Puppies doing awesome! Mom is keeping them tanked up and healthy. They had their first fist to the vet today and all checked out as expected. They also had their Dew Claws removed while there and came home non for the worse. Mom was quite upset with me for stealing them for the hour they were gone. The Theme is the Bangers Pack, with the following names in order of whelping: Cricket, Seraphim, Tikka, Franchi, Kimber, Taurus, Remington, Smith n Wesson! 7 girls and 2 boys. Picture collage coming soon, also new Puppy Cam videos are avialble weekly showing the little buggers latest antics and growth!

Litter Update- 8/22

Puppies are doing well, gaining weight by leaps and bounds. They are a week old today and already see those who melt in our hands and those independent buggers fighting out of the gate. We still know them by their Red Dot ID we assigned on day one, but, as we spend more and more time with them, we begin forming bonds with each one, learning their quirky traits and daily desires. We expect their eyes to open in another week, always an exciting time to see them eye to eye! Karen's famous belly rubs continue, although she always seems to pick a favorite at some point that gets extra massages. More to come.. including Puppy Picture Collage found here 

Litter Update- 8/29

Puppies are approaching TWO WEEKS OLD! Time flies by with these guys growing by leaps and bounds! All Pups have broke the 30 oz weight mark in less than two weeks. There eyes popped open this week around day 11, always great to introduce them to the lady giving belly rubs or the guy hygienist cutting nails and cleaning them up on occasion. They are moving around the whelping box more and more, building bonds with their siblings. Cricket (Right Shoulder marking) is a mobile little girl, bopping all over that box. Wesson (Mid Back marking) the largest male is a very vocal puppy, letting momma Blaze know its lunch time! Still lots of sleeping going on but they are right where we would expect them to be. Today we'll deworm them for the first time, with two more doses to come before they go to their forever homes. Trimming claws as well today, Blaze will appreciate that I'm sure.....

Litter Update- 9/10

Happy Birthday, 3 weeks old today! Puppies are starting to show their personalities this week. Cricket, is a very social, challenging puppy... mixing it up with her siblings. We can say the same of Smith and Seraphim as well. Tikka also has some piazz to display and Wesson seems to be a very content laid back male at this point, often the case with the largest pups. I suspect they will see some new digs later this week possibly as the Whelping box is getting tighter by the day.... Puppy therapy is going well... for us anyway, enjoying the pups snoozing in our laps at night and responding to our handling and playful eye to eye "How do you Do's". New puppy CAM videos being put up regularly...

Litter Update- 9/16

Week 4 rolling along with some very happy puppies. Second De-worming took place as well has nail clippings and a move to their new digs. They were constantly climbing out of the Whelping box and harassing Mom during the night. With four or more found dancing around the floor, it was time to expand into the kennel. They acclimated to their new home with running, sparring and some serious sleeping all piled up in the dog crate. Thier personalities are emerging for certain. Here is the run down in no particular order... Wesson, a dominant male pup, large lanky build, much like his dad. Cricket, bold little pup with energy to spare. Remington, a sweat little girl, docile and an easy going pup. Smith, the other male, nice strong build, seems to be about his business most of the time but does interact and spa on occasion. Seraphim, this girl has some attitude! She backs down from no one.... and a lot of fun to play with as she is always under foot and biting my shoe laces. Taurus, another nice puppy almost a mirror to her sister Cricket, very similar in personality and a very affectionate puppy. Tikka, OMG... this girl has some get up and go... she is a bold puppy yet very engaging. She is more dominant then most of the other girls... reminds me of Gaucho with a half mustache. Franchi and Kimber are friendly pups, look very similar and are middle of the road pups, stable and always willing to greet us at the gate.

Litter Update- 9/26

 Pups are turning the corner into week 6 this week and really emerging into little individuals. Here's a run down of some observations as last few days... Cricket and Taurus are very spunky pups outlasting the other pups on the energy scale... fast little girls these two haul ass. They have medium builds lending to faster moves and better stamina at this juncture.... Both have good bird sense chasing the wing relentlessly... more on birdiness to come, some pups still need to experience that little introduction. Wesson and Smith, the two males are strong pups, Wesson seems dominant, or maybe he just likes beating on his sisters... typical boy. Both are good movers with Smith having the structure to be an agile mover... but there is little difference in that category right now. Both melt in your arms with Wesson being a little more relaxed and laid back from that perspective. Both Tikka and Seraphim are the Black and White pups, have great builds, broader chest,  and are solid feeling pups. Both are very active, very social and will melt in your arms. They too need to have the wing introduced to them over the next few days... to gauge that trait. Great middle of the road pups, both showing a dominance factor at times. Franchi and Remington are another pair we watch, if for no other reason then they look a lot alike, have similar good builds and appear to be middle of the road in relation to interactions with us and litter mates. Both are very social and confident in there actions. Lastly is Kimber, she is my favorite looking pup. She has a great build, bold chest, big legs and absolutely gorgeous markings! She is also a little reserved and will not be leading the charge to any fight. She melts in your arms like no other and appear to have less birdiness at this time then a couple other pups we gave the wing to... If we decide to keep a pup she will be a contender as wiil a couple others.

All these insights can change over the next 10-14 days, often sleeper pups emerge to show traits that were not really strong initially. We watch the pups closely these next two weeks and prefer, for this reason, to allow selections to begin not before week 7. Check out our Facebook page to ensure your seeing videos tied to individual or paired pups.... we're getting excited to here clients thoughts on their favs....more to come!

Litter Update- 10/19 Litter update includes 8 of the 9 puppies have moved to their forever homes. They are all enjoying their new packs evident by the videos and pics we received. We do have one puppy left who is 9 weeks old, Mr. Smith or Smity is a male with an awesome build and bundle of energy. He hung out in the big kennels yesterday with Grandma Maya! He had a blast! This puppy is a strong hearted puppy but has an eating disorder they requires 4-5 meals a day vs 2-3. He will make the right family very happy, and to be honest for the right family his additional eating requirements is a mild inconvenience at best. He has good prey instincts, just ask my shoe laces, LOL. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about this audacious little puppy. Mr.Smith is in the HOUSE... no prisoners' with this little guy!

Litter Update- 11/1 Final Post

Well we are so happy to announce Mr. Smith has found a great home in VT. He is continuing to thrive in his new home with a new older dog to show him some ropes. He has gained significant weight and in many cases outweighs his litter mates by a few pounds. We will miss Mr. Smith as we always value the underdog as they often turn out to have the most heart and drive of all the pups.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for! We want to wish all new clients the very best and ask you toss us a bone by forwarding pics or video of your pups when possible. Look for additional details on 2021 potential litters....   

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