Reservation Requirements and Understandings

Cranberry Hollow Llewellins’ goals are to provide you with a healthy puppy which contains all the necessary traits found in the pedigree’s blood line. The pups are bred for stamina, intelligence, and hunting abilities that you can capitalize on when training your new puppy. Dogs that are started on birds early often turn out to be outstanding field dogs which will provide you with excellent hunting memories as well as a family member capable of thriving in the home environment.

It’s critical that a complete health examination of your new pup occur at 9 weeks of age and during the period when the next set of vaccinations is due. This examination allows a veterinarian to certify the health of your pup and completes the agreement with Cranberry Hollow Llewellins. If a legitimate problem is detected, we will replace your puppy with one from another Llewellin litter or provide a full refund of your Llewellin puppy purchase price upon receipt of the puppy and a veterinary health certificate detailing the diagnosed illness or defect within the first 12 weeks of purchase.

Pending the Sire and Dam being bred and the cost associated with the breeding, purchase price for pups will range. The purchase price will be set at week 5 of the breeding, typically 3-4 weeks before whelping occurs. Cranberry Hollow Llewellin pups may be reserved with a $TBD deposit per pup which will be applied to the purchase price of your new Llewellin puppy. The balance of $TBD will be due at the date of the puppy selection process, this is usually around the sixth week of age. Reservations and deposits are taken in the order that they are received which guarantees your pick in sequential order. Llewellin Puppies are to be picked-up at 7 to 8 weeks of age and no later than 9 weeks unless special arrangements have been made with Cranberry Hollow Llewellins. See CHL Sample Contract.

Please fill out and send us the Registration Form and your deposit check if you wish to reserve a Llewellin puppy. We will contact you by e-mail to let you know we have received your deposit. You will also be told your order of puppy selection based on sex. We welcome phone calls and visits prior to decisions to order as it’s important we match the right pup with the right hunting home. Once deposits have been collected we will send you a reciept and other documentation helpful with the purchasing process.

Cranberry Hollow Llewellins can fly your puppy to you for an additional feePuppy Reservation/Purchase Info.. This fee includes airfare, an airline approved kennel, health certificate. Llewellin Puppies must be 8 weeks of age before they will be accepted by the airlines. Please call us for more information. Rates may change so please discuss with us prior to reserving a puppy.

Puppy Colorization Options:

The Sire and Dam can both contribute to the types of markings a pup may have. In some cases it’s not evident within the first few weeks to what degree the markings will be prominent. There are a few types of colorizations in Llewellin Setters, the first and many would say most desirable is called the Belton, essentially the pup is born pure white and the ticking does not appear until weeks later…..a color ticking can become apparent around 5-6 weeks old.

Other markings include tri-color and dual color markings. They can include Black, Brown, Liver, Tan, Orange and even Blue when looking at some Belton’s. Belton’s are absent large patch markings and are identified by ticking as the primary predominant markings.

We understand colorization is important to many purchasers but we believe temperament, outgoingness, harder or softer personalities are better attributes to consider when selecting a pup. We will provide photos and video to help you make you selections and we will guide you in matching the right puppy with the right master.

At times we find some pups can be head strong and can show dominance over other pups, not all owners want that type of strong willed dog. The make up of our dogs can be found through out the spectrum of head strong to laid back. One trait they all possess is the ability and drive to hunt birds. We often see both temperament attributes in the same dog depending whether in the field or at home in front of the family couch. We are here to ensure you get as close of a match to your desired puppy.