Our Dogs

Cranberry Hollow Llewellins dogs’ are our family dogs and our partners in the field. The dog’s lineage can date back from the early 1900’s when the Bondhu and Houdini Llewellins lines were thriving. The same lines established back then run through our dogs today. We have taken great pride in the selection of our kennels foundation pointers and our ability to produce solid hunting dogs. The dogs are bred for style, stamina and intelligence and hit the mark on all categories.

High Heads and Tails, Style that is second to no other and a Work Ethic that’s linked with incredible stamina produces these fine pointers. In 2018 we will be breeding Cranberry’s Pippa, offering incredible pointers that show not only the traits that foot hunters are looking for, but the personality and desire to be a companion as well for life. We have two of Maya's offspring as part of our breeding program, their names are Pippa and Blaze. Blaze has also been bred to Blue Mtn Noble Nash in February 2018 with pups expected in April. They are the prodigies of two great hunters and we have every expectation that they will produce as fine a Llewellin as there could be. Intentions are to breed both these beautiful girls in early 2018.

  CHL BLazing Glory: Dam, OFA Prelim

  IMG 3965


  CHL Masked Pippa: Dam, OFA Prelim

  IMG 3820

CHL Magnificent Magnum: Sire


CHL Maya's Mischief: Dam

Maya's Mischief: Dam 2/1/2 years