Lineage and Pedigree

Sire: Magnum is a solid dog with a great heritage behind him for hunting birds. He was first born in his litter and has established himself as a solid gun dog and hunter. His lineage speaks for itself and comes from a long line of hunters and has the DNA to prove it. He's a complex dog to describe as he has two personalities; first he is a great family dog, loyal, engaging and absolutely loves everyone he meets. He is a bit of a clown at home with a great ability to make people smile by showing how much he loves to run. His other side is that of a great hunter, driven by a desire to find birds and the stamina to hunt full bore for hours. He is amazing to watch work and even if no birds are found on any given day, you will have experienced one of the best days ever just watching him work!

Pedigree of: Cranberry Hollow's Magnum/Mohawk - PDF

DAM: Maya is a sweet girl with a similar side in that she loves to cuddle at times, especially lately with her pregnancy. She also has the business side of bird hunting. She is a little more aggressive in her pursuits and most happy to look for birds 24x7, even through the slider window on the back of the house. She will spend hours just looking out the window watching Robins or Blackbirds if not in the field. She was the third pup in her litter but the first female. She was the dominant pup of the litter from the onset and shows her dominance even today with Magnum. She is the prettiest pointer I've seen work with high head and tail and paw positioned high up to her chest when on point. She comes from Champion blood lines including Rowdy Doctor Bob and High Fly'n Tessa, as her mother and father were both field dog champions in Minnesota. She loves to hunt and her poise and style are second to none.

Pedigree of Cranberry Hollow's Maya - PDF

DAM: Blaze is a big bone female with surprising agility for such a big female. She is an affectionate dog and has a great gate to cover ground fast. She loves to be around family and as late absolutely loves to run with her new found physical maturity. She gets the majority of her personality traits from her father, often laid back at home. She has a love for hunting and enjoys checking in with us on a regular bases to accept a good dog or pat on the head. A close hunter, she is easy to handle and a great companion afield.

Pedigree of Cranberry Hollow's Blaze to come - PDF

DAM: Pippa is an awesome dog, has great drive for birds and a willingness to get the job done like many before her. She gets her overdrive from her mom's gene pool. She loves to hunt and has poise and agility to spare, she is a very flashy pointer and absolutely stunning to watch work. High flowing tail, high head, she works cover efficiently and with great results! She is much like Magnum in that she has a soft side to melt a heart, so ready to cuddle or be held as she crashes at home in front of the TV. Pippa to is a close hunter and often checks in for an ear rub.

Pedigree of Cranberry Hollow's Pippa to come - PDF